Yorkshire Country Hall Wedding Video where they dance in the rain

Bonnie & Alex’s Relaxed & Rainy Country Hall Wedding

at Saltmarshe Hall in Yorkshire

Bonnie & Alex’s Feature Film

Before every wedding I can’t stop myself from constantly refreshing the weather app on my phone, checking to see what we’re expecting and always hoping for the best. Somehow for Bonnie & Alex’s wedding, it seemed like the forecast kept getting worse and worse. A couple of days before I received an email from Bonnie because by this point it was clear we would have rain all day long.

Rain on your wedding day is never something anyone hopes for, but at the end of the day, the one thing we really cannot control is the weather. My advice would always be to plan for rain especially here in the UK where the weather is unpredictable, and create your wedding day in such a way that it won’t be made or broken by the weather. And then decide what’s most important to you about your wedding, in the end, it’s about the two of you declaring your love to each other and celebrating with all your family and friends.

If you turn up ready to have the best time no matter the weather, you really will have the best day! And that’s exactly what Bonnie and Alex did. They and their people brought the best atmosphere with all the fun and excitement!

Saltmarshe Hall is an amazing venue with plenty of indoor spaces meaning it didn’t feel like the guests were cooped up while it was raining.

And as with most rainy days, there was a break in the rain right after the ceremony – which allowed all the guests to line up outside for the amazing confetti throw! Followed by some of my favourite couple portraits of the year. Bonnie and Alex are the sweetest couple and so lovely together.

Here are my 5 top tips for dealing with rain on your wedding day:

  1. Have a good, detailed backup plan everyone is ready for and make your decision as early as possible to give your suppliers time to make arrangements
  2. Be prepared to go outside at a moment’s notice for couple portraits – on most rainy days there are pauses between rain showers, so be ready to seize the moment when a break in the rain comes
  3. Don’t let the rain dampen your mood – focus on what really matters about your day (marrying the person you love, celebrating with your people)
  4. Turn it into an unforgettable moment & dance in the rain I know without a doubt that Bonnie & Alex are going to remember dancing in the rain on their wedding day for decades to come, it’s one of those stories they will be telling their grandchildren 
  5. It’s not good or bad, it’s just the weather – you decide what to make of it ✨

The moment Bonnie and Alex were so excited for on their wedding day was becoming a complete family, and as their lovely registrar introduced them ‘the Turnbull family’ their people erupted with joy and celebration. It’s an incredible goosebumps moment, and definitely my favourite part of their film.

During their pre-wedding day video call Bonnie and Alex let us know they had fireworks planned as a surprise finale for their guests. I wasn’t sure if they would be rained off, or if it would be possible to see them from inside. Amazingly Bonnie and Alex decided to roll with it and headed outside in the rain to enjoy the fireworks.

The fireworks quickly became the moment of the wedding day I will truly never forget as Bonnie and Alex ditched the umbrella, and embraced dancing in the rain as the fireworks flew. It was spectacular!

Bonnie & Alex,

When it rained all day long on your wedding day it would have been easy to feel down and out. But you two flipped the narrative and brought the best time for every person there. You created an incredible atmosphere.

As you danced in the rain under the fireworks, you let the rain become the thing that made your wedding truly unforgettable.

Truly your wedding was about the two of you and your lovely children. They are so sweet and so fun and it was amazing to see you become a family unit!

We loved creating your film for you and we hope it will always serve as a reminder of how you began!

Sending all our love for your married life together, as always,

Bradley & Grace

Supplier Credits with love

Videographer: Keeley Wedding Films // @keelyweddingfilms
Planning, Design & Coordination: Key is in the Detail // @keyisinthedetail
Floral Design: Dreamboats & Carousels // @dreamboatsandcarousels
Photographer: Kate Victoria Photography // @katevictoriaphotographer
Venue & Catering: Saltmarshe Hall // @saltmarshehall
Cake Designer: Annie Elizabeth Cake Design // @annie_elizabeth_cake_design
Stylist: Stories Of Events // @storiesof_events
Stationery: Eliza May Prints // @elizamayprints
Make-up: Helen Rose Warwick-Drake // @makeupbyhelenrose_
Hair: Hannah Blinko Hair Stylist // @hannahblinkohairstylist
Musician: Alice Kübe // @alicekubeweddings
Band: Jonny Ross Music // @jonnyrossmusic
Photo Booth: Valentina Photo booth // @valentinaphotobooth
Suits: Boss // @boss
Bridal Boutique: Frances Day Bridal // @frances_day_bridal
Dress designer: Trish Peng // @trishpeng & Suzanne Neville // @suzanneneville