4 Reasons you Should Choose a Celebrant for your Wedding Ceremony

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Whether you’re planning your ceremony and feeling overwhelmed, or you’re sure you don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding – I’m here to tell you why having a celebrant-led ceremony is the ideal choice for you! Never heard of a celebrant? Read on!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again: your wedding is all about celebrating you as a couple and it should reflect your personalities through and through. So why shouldn’t that include the ceremony? Having a celebrant means your ceremony (vows, readings, songs, interpretive dances… whatever you fancy including!) will be shaped around you as a couple.

We all love a good party but the reason for the celebration is the ceremony – and it doesn’t have to be boring or the same as anyone else’s. In fact I think it should be totally unique to you, an awesome declaration of your love for each other, and the launchpad for the rest of your lives together. Keep the traditions you love and believe in and inject your ideas too! That’s what a celebrant will help you do!

Without further ado, here are my four reasons why you should choose a celebrant for your wedding ceremony!

Every wedding day should totally reflect the personality of each couple so why settle for a “one size fits all” ceremony. A Celebrant will write and conduct the ceremony to be all about you.

Kelly Hawes, Celebrant

1. Your day your way!

It may be cliché but that’s only because it’s so flipping true! Your day is all about the two of you, and a celebrant will craft your ceremony to totally suit you. It’ll be super personal, totally unique and probably a lot of fun!

My couples choose me because their wedding is about them, their lives and future aspirations. They do not want to be tied to a set of rules and regulations as to where and when they can be married. They have often been to Registrar-led ceremonies and been disappointed by how impersonal and rushed it was.

Susan Dobinson, Celebrant

Our celebrant led ceremony, was conducted with us and our bridesmaids (my 8 nieces) facing our family and friends, we included the songs, poems and readings that were special to us. 

Carmel Haigh, Long Furlong Farm Venue Owner

2. You can have your ceremony anywhere!

Doing the legal part separately opens up ALL the options. You can have your wedding absolutely anywhere, the world really is your oyster!

If your local licensed venues do not fit your wishes look around for other spaces; cricket clubs, museums, historic buildings, woodland areas to give a few examples

Kelly Hawes, Celebrant

3. They won’t be a stranger!

Not by the time they marry you anyway! Your celebrant will take the time to get to know you, listen to your story, and hear how you found each other. Not only does it mean they can fill your ceremony with your story but also you’ll have a chance to get to know them. (You’ll know the person in your film doing the marrying bit!!)

Our celebrant took the time to understand us, asking us questions about our families and how we inspire each other, this was reflected in the ceremony, which actually caught me unaware and made me cry when she referred to my dad not being with us. 

Carmel Haigh, Long Furlong Farm Venue Owner

My couples like that we are able to get to know each other, wherever they are in the world and choose every aspect of their wedding; we have dancing bridesmaids, dogs in their finery and group family hugs – just to mention a few possibilities.

Susan Dobinson, Celebrant

4. Celebrants are great for everyone!

Celebrants are the absolutely perfect for alternative weddings where the couple have some out-there ideas that break all the traditions. They’re also perfect if you’d like a traditional ceremony but adapted to totally suit you. At their core celebrant-led ceremonies are all about celebrating love! And that makes them a fantastic option for anyone getting married. 

I’m definitely considering it because there are no rules! It’s about the love you have for each other and your family and friends and nothing else.

Rachel Vine, Videographer

To conclude…

Hopefully these four reasons give you a better understanding of what celebrants are about and why they could be the right choice for you and your day!

We believe in marriage! We love when people make a life long commitment to each other, it’s moving and powerful (and gets me choking back tears every time!) and we really do think that having a personal ceremony that deeply reflects your hearts and who you are together will be an incredible way to mark the beginning of the rest of your lives together. Work out what that looks like for you and be sure to consider a celebrant – there’s lots of lovely celebrants out there, and they’re just incredible at crafting a ceremony that celebrates you!

By Grace Keeley

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