Do I have to wear heels for my wedding?

You don't have to wear heels on your wedding day, Grace wearing gold leather converse for wedding shoes

Nope. You don’t have to wear heels!

In fact, I’d go as far to say that you should avoid wearing heels if you can!

If heels are your favourite and you can’t imagine anything else then definitely go for it! But if you don’t enjoy wearing heels and you wish you didn’t have to for your wedding day I’m here to remind you: there’s no rules! Do whatever suits you best!

Two reasons not to wear heels:

  1. Your feet will thank you. It’s going to be a long day on your feet especially if that long day turns into a long evening. The last thing you need to be thinking about is how painful it is to wear your incredibly expensive shoes. It should be fun!
  2. The majority of brides wear a full length dress so no one will actually know. If I’m honest I loved every opportunity to show off my gold leather converse that are 100% my favourite shoes ever. But you don’t have to! No one ever need know what shoes you’re wearing, so wear whatever you want to and prioritise comfort!
  3. Bonus reason – I wear my wedding shoes all the time. And it’s my favourite thing ever.

But either way, remember my number one rule of wedding planning: Be kind & be you! The best choice you can make is your own.

The big point here is: you should enjoy every minute of your day, and that doesn’t just magically happen! So whether it’s wearing heels, having to do a speech or starting the evening off with your first dance – if it’s getting you worried, do something about it. You could wear heels for half the day and get a second pair for the evening (who needs an excuse to have two pairs of shoes really?!). Do a speech together, pre-record a video or just write a note that you include in your place settings. And maybe you’d feel more comfortable doing your first dance after practise, or you’d just prefer not to do it!

Your day should suit you both through and through. It’s your day and your story, so don’t let what the ‘norm’ is dictate what you have to do. Chuck out the rule book and lean in on what you love. It’ll make your day all the more special, all the more memorable and all the more a celebration of you!

Already got your dream wedding shoes? Show me your shoes!!

Grace x

Photo credit: they’re my wedding shoes! Love them!

By Grace Keeley

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