How to Prep Your Bridesmaids for Your Wedding

Here’s the scenario: You send super cute bridesmaid proposals to 3 to 6 of your closest relations & friends. Everyone bursts with glee, taking to Instagram to share their excitement at being part of your day! You spend months agonising on the right dress to suit all your bridesmaids, that also matches your colour scheme. There’s dress fittings, make up artists to book, thank you gifts to buy, and all the things! But if you’re anything like me you haven’t thought to take five minutes to prep your bridesmaids and let them know what you’d like them to do on your day.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t just about looking pretty and trying to not trip while walking up the aisle, holding the hand of a page boy or flower girl. Don’t assume your bridesmaids will know what you’d like them to do to help your day go without a hitch. Here are a few top tips you could pass on to your bridesmaids. Missed expectations are usually thanks to miscommunication. So, remember the number one rule of wedding planning, think through what would be helpful to you and let your bridesmaids know.

1. Check the bride has enough to drink and eat

Weddings are usually a long day, and it’s easy to get dehydrated. When you’re reaching for a glass of water (or, let’s be honest, more likely Prosecco) be sure to offer one to the bride too.

2. Be on dress watch

Be on hand to help the bride into her dress. Help arrange the dress for any photos. This is particularly important when the bride gets to the front of the aisle, and during all the posed photos. It’s your job to help rearrange her dress and keep it looking beautiful. Especially if the bride’s dress has a large train or long veil, she may need help carrying it across grass/over mud etc.

3. Go the extra mile

Be on the look out for things you can be doing to help during the day. Help the bride get out of her car, hand out confetti, give guests directions, be the first on the dance floor! Your enthusiasm and enjoyment of the day will make all the difference for how much fun everyone is having!

Above all enjoy the day, and help the bride have the best day of her life! For more practical ideas of bridesmaid duties check out this blog on Hitched! Think through in advance some of the problems that could arise, and google them… there’s solutions out there for everything, including how to go to the toilet easily while wearing a wedding dress!

Bridesmaids are such a key role in any couple’s day and honestly when they show up to make it the absolute best for their friends you can tell the difference! I love a tight knit bridesmaid crew who bring the all the fun!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Grace x

By Grace Keeley

Bradley and Grace Keeley are UK Wedding Videographers creating meaningful, authentic wedding films that tell your story.

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