The Number one Rule when Planning your Wedding

Written by Grace Keeley

be kind and be you

We were at a beautiful wedding at the weekend in the Shropshire countryside. I can’t wait to share more about what I think made it such an amazing day, but if you haven’t seen it yet you can check out the sneak peek video here! Onto my number one rule for wedding planning…

Everyday I see a steady stream of people asking questions from ‘When do I have to send my Save the Dates?’ to ‘Do I have to wear heels?’ and everything in between, on the Brides Facebook groups! There’s so much advice out there for wedding planning. But here’s my number one rule that I think applies to every decision you’ve got to make…

Be Kind & Be You!

You could apply this to just about anything. But when it comes to wedding planning I want to give you full permission: as long as you do it with kindness, every decision you make should be yours!

For us, our wedding day was about two things: enjoying getting married and celebrating all the people who made us, us! While you’re planning your wedding have a think about what the main thing for you is. Maybe you just want to have fun. Or you want to celebrate all the things that make you unique. Or you’re foodies so having good food is the main thing. (I mean who doesn’t want good food?!)

Work out your main thing, focus on that. And then make every decision yours. It’s okay to listen to other people’s thoughts and advice, but ultimately this is your day! So be kind and be you!

I honestly believe that your wedding should tell your story, and you shouldn’t just take a one-size-fits-all wedding day and try to squeeze yourself into it! There’s no right or wrong way.

I’ve never enjoyed dancing (this took me 3-4 years of dance classes and a bit longer to realise) and the thought of swaying awkwardly with Brad in front of everyone was an absolute no! So we didn’t do it! But we are up for a laugh so we had a game of Mr & Mrs instead.

There’s no need to upset people, you don’t need to burn bridges, but as long as you’re kind about it, make your day yours! Be you!

I really hope your day tells your story! And you get to enjoy every moment!

Happy Planning!

Grace x