Hello, we’re Grace & Brad

Derbyshire & UK Wedding Videographers

We are adventurers, creatives, best friends, storytellers and dreamers.

We love recording people’s stories.
Extraordinary, ordinary stories.

Stories of love and hope, life and adventures. The rollercoaster ride of emotions that has us crying one moment and belly-laughing the next.

“Bradley and Grace were so lovely that everyone was completely at ease around them, and they captured our day beautifully.”

– Charis

We capture people’s memories so they’ll last lifetimes & it’s an incredible privilege

Having known each other our whole lives, we’ve been married for 5 years. Adventure, creativity and connection are at the heart of all we do. We have a deep-rooted belief in marriage and the meaning behind a wedding.

We love what we do.

We care deeply about serving our couples well and creating a film they will love and treasure for decades to come. We know how much our films will mean to the families we serve as the decades pass. For us, it will always be about the joy and the celebration, the emotion and the real moments.

We believe that everyone should have a wedding video and the memories created are the most valuable part of your wedding day. 

Service-oriented and joy-driven, we are passionate about capturing the joy and love of a wedding day. We’re based in Derbyshire but we travel across the UK filming weddings.

We believe in creating timeless heirloom films because we know the films we create will outlast us.

Life happens so fast, and mostly it feels like it’s only getting faster. And yet, just for a day, the time-honoured tradition of a wedding slows everything down. Time nearly stands still, as for this moment, all of your people gather from far and wide to surround you in love and celebration.

Your friends and family coming together to lift you up and say: we believe in these two people, and their love for each other, and we are so excited for their story to unfold. 

Love truly is a tale as old as time. Weddings are markers in time, in your family’s history and in the history of us, as people. Marriage matters. 

In years to come, your wedding will become an invaluable memory in your story. And that’s why we care deeply about filming weddings: capturing, recording and keeping them safe for you now, and for generations to come. Our films will outlast us and it is with this longevity in mind that we create them.

Life is full of moments – some extraordinary, many ordinary and often somewhere in between. 

Love stories are incredible. In our world today they are often written off as being cheesy or too much, but when you think about it – they are pure magic. The choices and circumstances that lead to two people finding each other are often a series of seemingly ordinary moments.

But when the person you find becomes your person, suddenly those moments mean a whole lot more.

“Absolute loved working with Keeley Wedding Films! Grace and Bradley were the kindest, most professional videographers. On the day, they were so calming, super friendly to our friends and family and made everything so smooth and easy!”

– Monica

Grace & Brad Keeley
Luxury UK Wedding Videographers

Let us introduce each other…

Bradley Keeley UK Wedding Videographer

About Bradley

Bradley is the kindest person I have ever met. He is considerate, and always goes out of his way to help others. He is ridiculously patient and incredibly determined – which is a powerful combination. He is easygoing, steady and always keeps me laughing. Bradley loves adventures, football and a pint in the sun. 

Grace Keeley UK Wedding Videographer

About Grace

Grace is one of those people that when they walk into a room it gets a little lighter – she brings a calming presence and a sense of joy wherever she goes. She has time for everyone and builds everyone up. I love her tenacity, motivation and the fact she laughs at all my jokes! Grace loves mountain views, reading rom-coms and baking.

The reason wedding films matter to us

“My Gran was my favourite person on earth. She was bold and kind, spoke her mind and loved deeply.

Growing up we would often visit my Grandparent’s house. Sometimes Gran would take me upstairs to her bookcase overflowing with photo albums to dig out her wedding album. We would sit and go through the photos together. Gran telling me stories, connecting the dots, bringing the black and white photos of her wedding to life.

As I got older, Gran would send me upstairs to find the album myself so we could go through it together again.

The final time we went through her wedding album together was a couple of months before Bradley and I wed, I was wearing my wedding dress. It is a memory I will cherish forever.

I would give anything to bring those photos back to life in a wedding film. All the colours, smiles, sounds, emotions, voices and joy of my Grandparent’s wedding day.

That is the gift we want to create for you: a thoughtful, meaningful and beautiful wedding film you will love sharing with generations to come.

– Grace Keeley

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