We’re Bradley & Grace Keeley

Every day ordinary moments pass us by, like sand falling through our fingers. It’s all we can do to capture the special moments with our memories. 

But film changes that. Film lets us keep, relive and share those memories forever.

We’re all about adventure, second chances and enjoying the wind on our faces as we chase the sunset.

Who are Bradley & Grace Keeley

Hello, lovely engaged couple! We’re Bradley & Grace. We’re a husband & wife wedding videography duo with a passion for capturing real moments and creating beautiful, emotional films.

We’re a kind and loyal team, up for lots of fun!

Having grown up in a big family, Grace is a funny mix of bold, loud and fun-loving, as well as an introvert who loves nothing more than curling up in bed with her kindle and a hot chocolate. Bradley is level-headed and calm, using humour to diffuse any awkwardness he senses, and on a walk, he’ll always stray off the beaten track seeking out an adventure!

We grew up around the corner from each other in Hertfordshire, and have known each other our whole lives. In 2019 we spontaneously relocated to Derbyshire so we could explore a new part of the UK. Now we spend our free time with our walking boots on, exploring the Peak District!

On a wedding day, you’ll find Grace with you (the couple) most of the day, helping organise any key moments, and encouraging you to enjoy every minute. Whilst Bradley will be capturing your guests, all the details, setting up our equipment, and everything in between!

We love working together and we’re so grateful that we get to film weddings as a team!

Our story

Becoming Bradley & Grace

Our lives have been intertwined since before either of us was born. In the past, our families were next door neighbours, and our parents both got married at the same church we did. We’ve known each other our whole lives. But, we really connected when Bradley returned home after university and started working at the same media company as Grace. Working together quickly turned to late nights photographing the stars and binge-watching Netflix, which turned to dating. 18 months to the day after we started going out Bradley proposed on the beach at sunset. And 16 weeks later we got married in our childhood church surrounded by all our family and friends, and we celebrated properly with more pizza and BBQ food than we could eat!

The night we launched Keeley Wedding Films

We’ve both always loved being behind a camera, and we knew from the start we wanted to work together. Grace in particular has always loved weddings, so a few months into being married a late-night conversation and a bit of wild dreaming led us to create Keeley Wedding Films. We launched soon after and honestly it’s been the BEST THING EVER! We’ve loved every minute: making friends in the industry and traveling up and down the country. But most of all: working hard to create beautiful, emotional, story-driven films for each of our amazing couples!

Why weddings?

We love the celebration, we love how personal they are, and we love the industry of creative small businesses that we are privileged to be a part of! But most of all we really believe in marriage! At the root of it all we want our films to be a reminder of the love that brought our couples together, the people who made them who they are, and an heirloom they’ll love watching with their children and grandchildren. Grace has said again and again that she would give anything to bring the one colour photo of her grandparents’ wedding alive into a moving, talking film! That’s the why.

We’re passionate about honing our craft, challenging ourselves, being creative, and always going the extra mile!

We strive to be a calm and encouraging presence on your wedding day. We show up not just ready to film, but also to support and help you have the best day ever!

We love recording people’s stories. Ordinary, extraordinary stories.

Stories of love and hope, life and adventures. The rollercoaster ride of emotions that has us crying one moment and belly-laughing the next.

How to work with Keeley Wedding Films


Fill in our enquiry form

We want to get to know YOU! How you met, how you got engaged, why you're getting married now, what's most important to you about your wedding day. And of course, why you want us to film your day!


Choose your perfect package

Our packages are suited to work for you and your wedding, so you get the wedding film you want! We'll be with you every step of the way so you don't get something you don't need, and you don't miss out on anything you do!


We sort everything, you get a beautiful film

We love meeting with our couples before their wedding day to get to know them and their story. This helps us create the perfect film for you both. But ultimately, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we've got your wedding film covered!