Hello, we’re Bradley & Grace Keeley

Husband & Wife UK Wedding Videographers

We are adventurers, creatives, best friends, storytellers and dreamers. We’re wedding videographers who love people and their stories. And we love creating beautiful, emotional wedding films that tell peoples’ stories so they’ll always be remembered.

We love recording people’s stories.
Ordinary, extraordinary stories.

Stories of love and hope, life and adventures. The rollercoaster ride of emotions that has us crying one moment and belly-laughing the next.

About Bradley & Grace Keeley

UK Wedding Videographers

Live in: Derbyshire

From: Hertfordshire

Married since: 4th Nov 2018

We love: country walks, cooking (& eating!), a good netflix series, a cosy pub, sunny days, and exploring new places

Let’s get to know each other,

We grew up around the corner from each other in Hertfordshire, and have known each other our whole lives. In 2019 we spontaneously relocated to Derbyshire so we could explore a new part of the UK. 

We have a shared love of adventure, living intentionally and cameras! Grace, while always up for an adventure, loves nothing more than curling up in bed with her kindle and a hot chocolate. Bradley is level-headed and calm, with a great sense of humour – on a walk he’ll always stray off the beaten track seeking out an adventure! 

We always wanted to work together doing something we love – so being wedding videographers is our dream come true.

On your wedding day

As your wedding videographers, we strive to be a calm and encouraging presence on your wedding day. We show up not just ready to film your wedding, but also to support and help you enjoy one of the best days of your lives!

We love working together and we love that we get to film weddings as a team.

Our values as a couple

We’ve always believed that honesty and communication should be at the core of any relationship. And from the start they have always been our priority and our promise to each other.


Honesty with each other, but also with ourselves. Sharing our raw truth and being open with one another – through the highs and lows. And being true to ourselves.


Good communication is a skill that takes a lot of practise. The thing that has helped us most is learning our enneagram types – it’s helped us understand each others’ perspectives and why we each communicate the way we do.

Our Story so far

Becoming Bradley & Grace

Our lives have been intertwined since before either of us were born, with past generations of our families being next door neighbours. We’ve known each other our whole lives.

It was when Bradley returned home after university and started working at the same media company as Grace that we really connected. Working together quickly turned to late nights photographing the stars (yes, it was cameras that led us to one another) and binge-watching Netflix. Soon we went on our first date to Brighton – it poured with rain, but it was one of the best days ever. 

18 months to the day after we started going out Bradley proposed on the beach at sunset. And 16 weeks later we got married in our childhood church surrounded by all our family and friends, and we celebrated with more pizza and BBQ food than we could eat!

The Creation of Keeley Wedding Films

We’ve both always loved being behind a camera, and we knew we wanted to work together. A few months into being married a late-night conversation and a bit of wild dreaming led us to create Keeley Wedding Films.

Being a wedding videography duo is our best adventure and we’re so grateful – to work together, to film weddings, to capture joy, to meet amazing people, to travel all over the UK – it’s all a privilege, and we love it!

Most of all we strive to serve our couples well and create beautiful, emotional, story-driven wedding videos that will outlast us all.


We love wedding videos and we’re passsionate about honing our craft, challenging ourselves, being creative, and always going the extra mile.

Why Wedding Videography?

We love the celebration of a wedding day, we love how personal they are, and we love the wedding industry – there are so many amazing, creative small businesses that we are privileged to be a part of! But most of all we really believe in marriage!

At the root of it all we want our wedding films to be a reminder of the love that brought our couples together, the people who made them who they are, and an heirloom they’ll love watching with their children and grandchildren.

“My Gran was my favourite person on earth. She was bold and kind, spoke her mind and loved deeply.

Growing up when I visited my Gran, sometimes she would take me upstairs to her bookcase overflowing with photo albums and she’d dig out her wedding album. We’d sit and go through the photos together. She’d tell me stories about her day, bringing the black and white photos of her wedding to life.

As I grew up my Gran would send me upstairs to find the album myself so we could go through it together again.

The final time we got to go through her wedding album together was a couple of months before Bradley and I got married, and I was wearing my wedding dress. It’s a memory I’ll cherish forever.

What I wouldn’t give to bring those photos back to life in a wedding video – with all the colours, sounds, emotions and joy of my Gran and Grandad’s wedding day.

That’s the gift we want to create for you: a beautiful wedding video you’ll love sharing with generations to come.”

– Grace Keeley,
Wedding Videographer,
Keeley Wedding Films

Every day ordinary moments pass us by, like sand falling through our fingers. It’s all we can do to capture the special moments with our memories. 

But film changes that. Film lets us keep, relive and share those memories forever.

Bradley & Grace Keeley,
UK Wedding Videographers

We’re each others’ favourite people

Bradley Keeley UK Wedding Videographer

What Grace loves about Bradley

Bradley is the kindest person I have ever met. He is considerate, and always goes out of his way to help others. He is so patient and incredibly determined – which is a powerful combination. He’s easygoing, steady and comes out with the funniest one liners, always keeping me laughing. Bradley loves adventures, football and googling random things. And he is my favourite person. 

Grace Keeley UK Wedding Videographer

What Bradley loves about Grace

Grace is one of those people that when they walk into a room it gets a little lighter – she brings a calming presence and a sense of joy wherever she goes. She has time for everyone and builds everyone up. I love her tenacity, motivation and the fact she laughs at all my jokes! Grace loves pizza, reading rom-coms and baking.

Photos of Bradley and Grace Keeley by Camilla J Hards Photography

Bradley & Grace’s Wedding Vows

As we join our lives together, I vow to be supportive, caring, and honest with you always.
I promise to hold you close, to respect you fully, and to love you deeply.
As your companion, your partner, and your best friend, I promise to stay by your side through thick and thin.
I love you with all my heart, and I plan to remind you of that every day, from this day forward.