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Creating luxury wedding films to stand the test of time in your family’s story, not to fit current trends.

While planning your wedding we know how much time you spend thinking about your wedding day – imagining how everything is going to come together, longing for the moment you finally get to say I do, and celebrating with your family and friends. 

However, couples don’t always think about the morning after and the years to come. Your wedding day is just the start of your married life together. 

That’s why we love creating emotional, story-led wedding films that stand the test of time. It’s our priority to keep your memories safe (for you, now, and for future generations) through meaningful, authentic wedding films so you can relive your wedding day again and again for years to come. 


We can’t rewind time unless we’re recording. 

“Professional yet approachable.

Classic yet creative.

You are easy going yet so focused on doing your work well.

You captured the little details yet told the full story.

There’s no price to be put on the work that you do – those memories will live with us forever.” 

– Evija, Manchester


We are Bradley and Grace Keeley,

Luxury Wedding Videographers, UK & Destination

We believe in marriage. We love telling stories. And we know your story is worth telling.

We love wedding videography and creating beautiful wedding films, but that’s not all we care about.

We care about you and your wedding.

Your wedding video should be exactly that: yours. We love working with our couples to create emotional wedding films that truly reflect them as a couple, and they’re proud to share with their family and friends. And the best thing is? We get to do it together! Wedding videography is our dream come true. 

When we video weddings we’re not just there to create a beautiful film. It’s our priority to ensure you feel comfortable, enjoy every minute, and relax as one of the best days of your life unfolds!

Every day ordinary moments pass us by, like sand falling through our fingers. It’s all we can do to capture the special moments with our memories. 

But film changes that. Film lets us keep, relive and share those memories forever.

Guiding principles for our wedding videography

Values at our core


To create something that lasts it needs to have true meaning and authenticity.
We believe in being true to ourselves, present to the moment and open to possibilities.


We strive to bring kindness, encouragement and understanding with us wherever we go. Showing compassion, bravery and love through everything we do.

Attention to Detail

We know there is meaning and value in every detail. Our most significant memories can be formed around even seemingly insignificant moments. We pay attention to it all.

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